A Hmong-Thai tourist guide surrendered to the Thai authority for a shooting case


SUAB HMONG NEWS — August 16, 2015 at Mae Rim Police Station in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Mr. Vonetha Lao Lue, age 31, a Hmong hill tribe (according to khaosod.co.th/view_newsonline.php?newsid=1439699467), works as a tourist guide at the Sri Tokyo Hotel surrendered himself and handed a handgun type 9mm to the Mae Rim Thai police for a shooting case he involved on August 11, 2015.
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Mr. Vonetha confessed to the Mae Rim Thai authority that on August 11, 2015, he went with Mr. Praphan Kongphanaphoun, age 24, a Hmong hill tribe, and Mr. Praphan gave him 100,000.00 baht to hire him to kill someone. The reason for the killing was due to that someone had blackmail the drug dealer. Mr. Vonetha did not wanted to do because he never kill anyone before. After arguments back and forth, Mr. Phaphan pulled a gun to threat Mr. Vonetha and told Mr. Vonetha that Mr. Vonetha know too much and if Mr. Vonetha does not wanted to do then Mr. Praphan could just kill him. Then Mr. Vonetha struggled with Mr. Phaphan to get the gun away from Mr. Phraphan and the gun went off 5 shots killed Mr. Praphan. Mr. Vonetha then fled the scene. Mr. Vonetha has talked to his close family and relatives in the areas and everyone wanted him to surrender.

Mae Rim Thai authority said they are continue investigating the case to collect more evidences.

Read actual full story in Thai at http://www.khaosod.co.th/view_newsonline.php?newsid=1439699467

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