A marriage couple in their 70’s apparent murder-suicide


SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/16/2019) — Fresno Police believed it was a murder-suicide for a marriage couple in their 70’s in Fresno, CA on Tuesday night around 6:15 pm.

The couple are being identified as Tong Moua (husband) and Chia Yaj (wife).

Fresno Police Investigators at the scene said the couple were found alone in a room, deceased from gunshot wounds. Investigators say Moua reportedly had a gun in his hand.

“From the physical evident appeared that the husband first shot the wife and shot himself” said the Fresno Police.

Maria Xiong, a daughter of the couple, believed that the murder-suicide involved with a love triangle. “Since he met this lady, he was not himself.  So we don’t know what she do to him”  Said Maria Xiong.  Xiong continues said the lady her dad was having affair came to the house and wanted to marry her dad and her dad said his wife still in the house and her dad wanted the lady to go home but the lady refused to.

The case is being investigating by the Fresno Police.