A new Hmong movie “The Crush” or “Tus Kuv Hlub”


SUAB HMONG E-NEWS — Victor M. Vaj, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, interviewed the crew of “The Crush” or “Tus Kuv Hlub” on May 9, 2015 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

to watch Suab Hmong E-News exclusive interviewed the crew of a new Hmong movie “The Crush” or “Tus Kuv Hlub”

Chou Xiong, Writer/Director for The Crush or Tus Kuv Hlub, said the movie has parts of almost everything. “It is a laugh, scare, and love movie… we rated it like PG-13 because some of the wording and scary parts in the movie so we recommended parent or adult need to be presented with younger audiences…” said Chou Xiong.

“The Crush” or “Tus Kuv Hlub” will be premiered at Riverview Theater in Minnesota on June 22, 2015.