A road named Xiong Blvd in Eau Claire, Wisconsin


SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/16/2017) – A half mile road named “Xiong Blvd” in Eau Claire started after Joe Bee Xiong and Boua Chor Xiong bought a 80 Acres land to build their houses and the City of Eau Claire limited them to build more houses due to the limited access to the land.

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“In 1999 Joe Bee and I decided to buy a land to build our houses and we bought 80 Acres land in 2000.  The city of Eau Claire limited us to build two houses because there was no road to go to the land.  The City of Eau Claire recommended us to build a road to get access to the land in order for us to build more houses.  We then decided to build a road.  When you built a road, you can name it to whatever name you wanted and we named it Xiong Blvd.  It is a half mile road” said Boua Chor Xiong.

The city of Eau Claire marked a historical site for the Hmong community in the United States.  In 1996, Joe Bee Xiong was elected and became the first Hmong in the United States to hold a City Council position in Eau Claire.  Xiong was re-elected in 1998 and served his term until 2000.  Xiong passed away on March 31, 2007 with heart problem.