A Thai band Called Hmong-Thai “Miao” and said Hmong-Thai never take shower


(SHB) – Thai TV Channel 3 in Thailand broadcasted a program called Family Gang or “FG” and invited a Thai band that is wearing and using Hmong Traditional Clothing and pretend that they are Hmong for their successful singing career for more than 30 years on their show. This Thai band is labelling Hmong-Thai by calling Hmong-Thai “Miao” and make false accusation that Hmong-Thai never take shower “Miao never wash these clothes… they wear them for one year and they throw them away and they never take shower too…”.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News rebroadcast the video clip from Thai TV Channel 3 and the wording the band said about Hmong-Thai on the TV program.

What do you think and how do feel about this?

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