Be aware of scam boating tour at the Phuket International Airport

Be aware of scam boating tour at the Phuket International Airport

SUAB HMONG NEWS (12/06/2017) – Phuket, Thailand is a very popular place for tourists from around the world.  The airport is a distance to the Phuket city and the surrounding popular tourists staying areas.  Taking a minivan from the airport to Phuket and the surrounding areas costs 200 baht (Thai) per person.  1000 baht per person for a regular taxi.

A first time group of tourist arrived at the Phuket International Airport.  On their way out from inside the airport, there were many offering them free transportation from the airport to their hotel if they would buy a tourist package.

“The people on the traveling counter offered us to get free ride from the airport to our hotel if we would buy their touring package.  The package cost 1500 per person for boating tour to James Bond Island and 1400 per person for boating tour to Phi Phi Island.  Everything sounds great for us, first time in Thailand, so we bought two boating tour package.  One go to James Bond Island and one to Phi Phi Island” said a tourist.  He wanted to stay anonymous.

The boating package tour to James Bond was as expected but the boating package to Phi Phi Island was a disaster one.  Instead of putting the group to a big touring boat for easy viewing and arrive on the right spot on the Phi Phi Island, they were put into a speed boat and arrived on a no where to enjoy on the Phi Phi Island.

“After the ever worse boating, I went to talk to a Tourist Agency near where we stayed and they told us that we were the victim of scam and it is not worth it to get a solution to it.  Just let it be a lesson learned and tell others to be really careful” said a tourist.


Do not take any offering at the airport.  Chance you will be the victim of scam.

Just pay 200 baht for a minivan ride to your hotel.

Ask the hotel counter where to find Tourist Agency in the surrounding area you are staying.  There are plenty of Tourist Agency provide information on tour packages and prices in the area.

Go to see more than one Tourist Agencies to get the tour packages and prices.

Determine what package you fit in and pay for.