Candle Lights Vigil for Jacky Vue

Candle Lights Vigil for Jacky Vue.

SUAB HMONG NEWS (07/03/2018) –  A candle light vigil held by Lao Family Foundation and United Hmong Family at McMurray field, Como Park, in St. Paul, Minnesota to remember Jacky Vue who got shot and passed away on July 1, 2018 during the 38th Hmong International Freedom Festival.

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Jacky Vue’s mother said her son just graduated from high school and one of his goal is to find a job and buy a house.  She continues said her son is not a gang member as many people think.

“My son is not a gang member.  He dressed normal when he got shot and always smile when he speaks to others” said Jacky Vue’s mother.

Many of the Hmong representatives were at the Candle Lights Vigil including Dai Thai, City Council and Wang Thai Vang, President of Hmong Council of Minnesota.

Photo from Jacky Vue’s family gofundme.

Jacky Vue’s family setup a gofundme account for burial expensive.