Changes in the upcoming Hmong July 4th event in 2013


Milwaukee, WI — Nhia Thai Vang, Chair of Hmong July 4th, debuts on the Victor LIVE TalkShow on April 6, 2013 to talk about some changes on the upcoming Hmong July 4th, 2013.

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Some of the changes included Food Vendor Tables start from area 1 to area 40 increased $100.00 from last year price. Admission increased to $5.00 per person and small vendor tables also increased. {sidebar id=1}

Nhia Thai Vang said these increases were due to the inflation cost charge by the Park owner. Nhia Thai Vang continued said that in the past the cost to rent the park was low but last year and this year the cost to rent the Park increase tremendously due to the enhancements of the Park.

“The total cost to rent the Park last year was about $500,000.00” said Nhia Thai Vang.

Nhia Thai Vang stressed the change in regulation by the Police Department in the City of St. Paul that from 8:00PM to 10:00PM, people can leave the Park but they cannot reenter the Park. From 10:00PM and after, no one allowed entering and leaving the Park.

“This year we will have only one event not like last year” said Nhia Thai Vang.

For more detail info on other changes in the upcoming Hmong July 4th in 2013, contact Lao Family Community of Minnesota at 651-221-0069.

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