Chue Vue is running for St. Paul (Minnesota) School Board


Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Chue Vue who is running for St. Paul School Board.  The election is on November 5, 2013.
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a0Click here to watch Paolee Vang, News Report for Suab Hmong News, exclusive interviewed Chue Vue who is currently running to get elect for St. Paul School Baord.

Below taken from Chue Vue’s website on Chue Vue’s biography, why he is running, and what is his platform:

Chue Vue was born in a small village in Xiengkhouang Province in Laos. Like many other Hmong, members of Chue’s family were fighting on the side of the United States during America’s secret war in Laos. Chue was only ten years old when his family had to flee their homeland to escape retribution by the new communist regime. His family first arrived in Texas, but soon moved to Oklahoma, where Chue, for the first time in his life, had a chance to go to school. While he struggled to make up for lost time, Chue benefitted from teachers who cared deeply and always challenged him. His teachers not only helped him catch up to his classmates, they also instilled in him a deep belief in the importance of high quality education.

After high school in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Chue went on to earn his college degree at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, with a double major in Chemistry and Philosophy.  After spending more than a decade as a research chemist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Chue decided that he needed a new challenge and began his studies of the Law at William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul. After receiving his Juris Doctor Degree, he founded the United Legal Law Firm, where he helps families in matters of family, criminal, bankruptcy, and personal injury law.

Chue Vue is married to his wife May Tong Yang and together the couple is raising five children. As if this was not enough, Chue  has also given freely of his time to volunteer. He just completed his term as chair of the Hmong American Partnership. He also volunteered to work with disadvantaged youth in programs such as Upward Bound and the William Mitchell College of Law “Future in Learning Law” program.

What I Stand For
    Give parents a voice on the Saint Paul School Board.
    Make sure that educational resources are allocated in an equitable and fair way.
    Focus our energy on closing the achievement gap, not playing the blame game.
    Make sure that the move to neighborhood schools does not mean less opportunity for our students.
    Smaller class sizes for all our students, because smaller classes are good for our kids.
    Invest in early childhood education, English learner, and special education.

Why I am Running
When my family had to flee Laos and I came to this country, I was ten years old and had never set foot in a classroom. I began my education in fifth grade.  I had the good fortune to have excellent teachers, who cared deeply about a shy boy from a far away country.

Education opened uncounted doors for me since those first days of school half a lifetime ago. Now, I have my own children. For them, and for all our children, I want the same opportunities I was given.

I love what Saint Paul Public Schools have done for my older children. My oldest son is currently attending the U of M. My oldest daughter is a junior at Harding High School.  Both have done well.

However, I also worry that we may be going backwards. I worry about the special services my younger twin daughters need. I believe that we need a seat at the table, if we want to make sure that we continue to get better as a district. We need representation of our families to have a voice and a say about our future. That is why I am running; I want to be your voice. That is why I am asking for your support.

For more detail info, visit Chue Vue’s website at

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