Ci Nra Lis won the 2015-16 Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen


SUAB HMONG ENTERTAINMENT (09/22/2015) — Twelve Miss Hmong teens age from 12 to 17 competed for the Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen title during the Labor Day weekend at the Hmong National Labor Day Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Ci Nra Lis won the title of 2015-16 Miss Hmong Wisconsin Teen. Jade Vwj was the 1st runner up and Suab Cua Thoj was the 2nd runner up.

“Everyone are beautiful… my dress is different from the rest of the girls and that helped me win too…” said Ci Nra Lis.

Mayer Xiong, the pageant coordinator, said that by having Miss Hmong competition will help to maintain Hmong culture and language.

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