CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: First American dies of the coronavirus in China


SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/08/2020) – An American woman around the age of 60 years old died of the coronavirus at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, according to the United States Embassy in Beijin.  It appeared to be the first death of an American from the virus.

As 02/08/2020, eighty-six more deaths from the coronavirus were reported in China, pushing total deaths to 722, and infections climb past 34,000.

More than 20 international carriers have suspended or restricted routes that ended in Wuhan and other major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Brian Fitzgerald, president of Overseas Adventure Travel, a company providing group tours to travelers mostly over 50, said it encountered cancellations to China through April in the wake of the outbreak’s announcement. But this week, he said, tourists scheduled to go to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were reconsidering as well.

January data from April Travel Protection, an insurance provider, which tracks residents in the United States traveling to every country in the world, shows that claims with an Asian country in the itinerary more than doubled compared to January 2019.

We will update on the coronavirus as it progress into the future here.