Dai Thao is running for City Council Ward 1 in the city of St. Paul, MN


Paolee Vang, Reporter for Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Dai Thao who is currently running to get elect for the City Council Ward 1 in the city of St. Paul, MN.

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Below taken from Dai Thao’s campaign website.

Issues We Can Solve Together!
I believe Ward 1 lack of access to secure, living-wage jobs that provide full health benefits is Ward 1’s biggest issue. This problem affects our schools, student achievement, parental involvement in education, food security, the stability and safety of our neighborhoods, health, public safety, and economic development. Solving it requires a set of interconnected policies; but also the determination to win good deals for Ward 1 communities, residents, and workers.

I will address the jobs concern by focusing on four areas: 1) passing and enforcing ordinances and policies that require businesses accepting City money or support to provide living-wage jobs and offer them to Ward 1 residents first  – no exceptions; 2) bringing unions, employers, and community partners together to help identify, support, mentor, and connect Ward 1 residents with job opportunities; 3) protecting people from unemployment as a result of lost housing due to property tax increases or unscrupulous foreclosure practices, and 4) putting pressure on the Met Council to make sure that transit resources – from buses to trains – provide Ward 1 residents and workers with affordable, reliable, convenient access to job opportunities throughout the Metro.

With increasing development on University Avenue, Ward 1 is at a crossroads. I commit to stand up against powerful interests and drive a hard bargain to make sure that Ward 1 residents get their fair share. This policy agenda will create great opportunities for Ward 1 residents and connect them with new jobs. I will always bring the communities of Ward 1 with me into every meeting, discussion, negotiation, and vote. I will also focus on strengthening and building the relationships necessary to pass these policies. I will work with my Council colleagues, the Mayor, unions, employers, and community organizations to achieve them. In the end, I will judge success based on results, not only on good intentions.

My Guiding Principle on the Issues:

Central Corridor

    Public safety is priority one
    Business concerns must be addressed
    Must work for all stakeholders environmentally, socially, and economically
    Constant evaluation and improvement part of the strategy
    Prevent gentrification
    Create affordable housing

Jobs and Economic Development
    Good paying jobs, jobs with dignity
    Fair opportunity for Minority Contractors
    Fair hiring of local residents
    Developments are structurally fair and in the interest of Ward 1 residents

Fiscal Management
    Fiscal integrity, flexible and balanced allocation of resources for best possible outcome objectives
    Creativity in seeking revenue and resources
    On-going evaluation of current fiscal system
    Fair property tax

Education & Early Learning
    Education is a tool that can lift people out of poverty, increase tax revenues and obtain economic growth, prevent crime, extend the life-cycle of a city-nation
    Sustain and grow Promise Neighborhood
    Partnership with public schools and colleges for after school time
    Good jobs for youth

    Most livable city is measured by the health and quality of life of its citizens, they are the most important assets and must be well invested in
    Regardless of race, ideology or differences, all constituents are treated with respect and dignity
    Regular listening session with residents
    Create public spaces and opportunities for residents to partner across race and culture
    There are poor people, elders, hungry children, and people who need help in our Ward. We are all interconnected, and we have a responsibility to them.

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