Diane Chang, Vice Chair of NHGDC, Reports on the Progress of Protecting Hmong Graves in Thailand


By Richard Wanglue

Milwaukee, WI – Diane Chang, Vice Chair of the National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee, reported on May 12, 2012 that the committee is looking for $200,000 to pursue their vision and mission.  The thirteen Executive Committee members already pitched in each $1,000.00 into the account. The remaining $187,000 was divided into the 22 states that have representatives of NHGDC. The goal for the state of Wisconsin is $30,000.

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“There are currently 211 bodies (with bones) that have been identified by the NHGDC, and they are still in the hands of Thailand,” said Diane Chang.
Thailand replied to NHGDC with three conditions:
1. Thailand is willing to return the 211 bodies (bones) to the Hmong Community with exchange of money.
2. Thailand does not have any land to bury the 211 bodies (bones) in Thailand.
3. Thailand passed a law by the Interior department of Thailand to stop any one in Thailand to dig Hmong graves.

Diane Chang continued to say that NHGDC prepared a proposal, and presented the proposal to the United Nation to consider passing a law to prevent any one from digging Hmong graves.  However, the United Nation replied that in order for the United Nation to accept the proposal, NHGDC must have 75,000 signatures from the Hmong Community, and NHGDC must find a country to sponsor the proposal.
“We work day and night… so far we only have 26,000 signatures, and we are still waiting for a country to sponsor our proposal…” said Diane Chang.

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