Finding your soul mate through may turn into a heartbreaking


Bangkok, Thailand — If you are looking for your soul mate through searching photos on and start your journey to start a new life, chance that you will never meet the person who claimed to be your future wife and possible the money you sent, if any, to help her will never regain.

Many Hmong men from abroad, majority of them from in the United States, lost anywhere from 5,000.00 dollars to more than 50,000.00 dollars to some of Hmong girls in Laos each year due to the promises they make toward each other. Some of the major promises are that the girls will be waiting for them to arrive in Laos and they will be willing to start the life together. Some of these girls turned out to be someone else wives who was trying to get money from these Hmong men from abroad. When some of the Hmong men abroad arrived in Laos, the phone number they used to call and the sweet words they used to hear shut them off and close their love path forever.

“About 80 percent of the girls who posted their photos on live on the northern part of Laos in the area surrounding Phoungsavanh are someone else wives who are trying to get money from Hmong men abroad” said by someone that wanted to stay anonymous.

Many of the girls posted their photos and phone numbers on are from Laos. Their age are from 17 up.

SHIBC made a special trip to Laos to cover and using similar steps to call some of the Hmong girls who posted their photos on On April 30, 2013, we made five called to five girls and we arranged locations to meet them in person.

First one:
She showed up as we expected.

Second one:
We called her as we were leaving the hotel and she said she was on her way to the location. As we approached closer to the location, we called her and she did not answered her phone. We called her constantly for one hour and she never answered her phone. We never meet her.

Third one:
As we approached closer, she tended to change the location but we met her finally. We took her and one of her friend out to eat. By studying at her movements, she was trying to get our team to buy things for her and we did spent 50.00 dollars for clothing and household stuff for her and we sent her back to her place. Before our team left, she demanded to leave and spend the night with us but we recommended her to stay home. She’s only interested for money.

Fourth one:
We called and told her to come to the city and meet us there and she said that she need at least 500,000.00 kip to pay for bus ticket to meet us in the city which only costs 11,000.00 kip. We told her that if we could drive to her village and meet her there instead then she changed her story that she was no longer in her village but at the farm and will take about five hours to walk to the farm. We insisted to walk to her farm then she said the area is not safe for us to walk through. More story changed and we gave up on her.

Fifth one:
She lives a day from where we stay and she agreed for us to go and visit her. As the visiting day getting closer, we called her again and she said she will be out of town just for that day. We asked her why and she said that she will be going to buy things at another city. We said that we will go to see her then we will take her to the city and willing to buy all the things she wanted. She said she was willing to take the bus and buy things for herself.

For us by being there and did not invest any money for the five girls that we contacted through, we got 2 out of 5 with many mixed feeling.   If you are serious in getting into a relationship with Hmong girl in Laos, we recommended that you go to Laos personally and meet the girl you really like and go from there. It will be worth the trip you make to see who she is.

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