Flying with Frontier Airline may cost you more than what you think



SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/17/2016) — Many of us are looking to get lower price to fly from one place to another place without knowing the hidden costs some of the airlines are attentionally doing to take advantage of us and that airline is Frontier Airline.

You may find the lower price online and elsewhere to fly Frontier Airline but what you do not know is that Frontier Airline will charge you extra at check-in time.

Most other airlines charged a flat fee for check-in baggage and free of charge for carry-on baggage that meet their requirements but Frontier airline charges everything including carry-on baggage as well as check-in baggage, seat, and drink (water or soda).

Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer for Suab Hmong News, had a big surprised when the Frontier airline counter check-in staff charged him $125.00 for his check-in baggage at the check-in counter in San Francisco International Airport.

“The Frontier airline staff said there is a total of 125.00 dollar. I asked “why it is too high for one baggage check-in?” The Frontier airline staff answered “the one check-in baggage is $40.00, the one you have on your hand consider as a carry-on baggage and we charged it for $45.00 and your seat is $27.00 plus service charges (see the actual receipt from the Frontier airline above).” I asked “what else you guy charge?” and the Frontier counter check-in staff answered “at Frontier airline, we charge for everything.” Now my one way airplane ticket is $367.00 instead of $242.00.” Said Richard Wanglue Vang.

Some advance options that Frontier Airline does not have compare to other airlines are: No check-in seat in advance online, If you are changing your flight, you will call Frontier service only and there is $99.00 fee to change the flight plus a fee for the operator to change it and the different dollars amount between the current flight charged and what Frontier Airline will charge for the new one.

If your next flight is going to be with Frontier Airline, be prepared to pay almost half the price you already paid for your airplane ticket at their check-in counter at the airport. We recommended you to go through their website and to get to know their charges before buying your airplane ticket with Frontier Airline.

“Even Frontier Airline charge for everything; all your baggages, seat, and any drink included water inside the airplane, their seat inside the airplane are flat with very simple cover and the seat cannot adjust so you can lay back a little. Be prepared to buy your own foods at the airport and carry with you to eat inside the airplane if you are going fly 3 to 4 hours and buy some soft pad to put on the seat to make you a little bit comfortable for the flight time.” said Richard Wanglue Vang.