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Suab Hmong International Broadcasting Co. also known as SHIBC is on the Social Network FaceBook and on Twitter. To gain more interacting with SHIBC staff and see SHIBC latest event photos, you could connect to SHIBC on FaceBook if you already have FaceBook account or you could open one and connect to us.

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To follow Victor M. Vaj LIVE TalkShow radio program, visit Victor’s FaceBook by clicking here.

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While on SHIBC website, the most convenience way to contact us is by clicking here or call us using this phone number 224-333-1132. Due to many calls we received daily, return your call maybe in a longer delay. The best to contact us is through email as mentioned or using our actual email

SHIBC has been covered Hmong News and Entertainment in both radio and television since May 11, 2000. Click here to visit our SHIBC News channel on Youtube and click here to listen to Suab Hmong Radio on BlogTalk Radio.