Former Colonel Ly Teng (Lis Teeb) perspective on the Hmong Community


(SHB) — Richard Wanglue Vang, News Anchor for Suab Hmong News, interviewed former Colonel Ly Teng (Lis Teeb) on his perspective of the past, current, and the future of the Hmong community.

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Former Colonel Ly Teng believed that the newly formed Lao Family Foundation of Minnesota is the right approach of organization for the Hmong community. “This Lao Family Foundation is a public organization and it is not a private organization…” said Ly Teng.

Ly Teng also believed that Hmong New Year in the United States should form better to celebrate just one event instead of many events as today.

Watch Richard Wanglue Vang interviewed former Colonel Ly Teng (Lis Teeb) at Suab Hmong News Channel for detail of the interviewed.