Foung Hawj won the primary election and on his way to the general election


by Richard Wanglue

Milwaukee, WI – Paolee Vang and Kangyee Vang,  Suab Hmong News corresponding in Minnesota were at Foung Hawj headquarter for the primary election result  on August 14, 2012.  At 9:40PM, Paolee Vang reported that Foung Hawj’s votes was far ahead of his components.  

“There are many people in the room… and now everyone jumping up and down celebrating the winning…” said Paolee Vang.

Foung Hawj and Blong Yang won the 2012 primary election in Minnesota on August 14, 2012 and they are on their way to the general election.   Foung Hawj won by total of 2,023 votes,  46% over his two components.

From Foung Hawj website:
Making the East Side Stronger through Community Involvement

My top priorities are:
Foreclosure Prevention: St. Paul’s East Side has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the metropolitan area. It is destroying families and neighborhoods.  I will make sure that mortgage companies are doing everything to help homeowners keep their homes.

Job Development and Training Opportunities:  I plan to create jobs by supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and green initiatives.  I will work with city leaders to market the East Side to attract businesses and make sure that companies hire locally.{sidebar id=1}

Quality Education:  I will fight hard to promote quality education for the East Side, and close the student achievement gap by holding the state to its commitment to our school.

Better Healthcare for Seniors: I will fight for more affordable healthcare for our elderly and make sure that they have adequate supports in their own homes.

Environmental and Green Initiatives:  We are blessed to have beautiful parks and green spaces throughout the East Side.  The Mississippi River is a national treasure in our backyard.  I will support efforts to protect, improve, and expand our green spaces and natural resources.

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