From Richard Wanglue Vang, the founder of Suab Hmong Broadcasting


On behalf of everyone at Suab Hmong Broadcasting, I would like to extend my thank you to all my fellow Hmong around the world for their hard work in standing up and working together to turn the negative incident of Thai Nok Lae band, talking about Hmong never taking showers and never washing their clothes, into a positive light for the Hmong community in Thailand and around the world.
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This is the first time ever in the history of my time that I am able to witness Hmong individuals come together and support each other in a unique way to achieve a positive result for the Hmong community.

I know most of us will never forget what was said about our Hmong, but we must now move forward and continue to not only come together and support each other in times like this, but to continue the unity.

I have traveled to Thailand on multiple occasions and I am very familiar with the Thai culture and custom. For the Thai Nok Lae Band or anyone in Thailand to go on public television to apologize is very rare, however, the band did. We all should accept the apology and forgive them for what happened. It is like the old saying, forgive but never forget. Let’s continue to maintain and build friendships and work on an environment where we can all learn from and respect each other’s different cultures and ethnic roots.

Moving forward, we, Hmong, must remember to help, work and support each other as a collective unit, and to not go against each other because of differences we may have.

Lastly, a big thank you to the Hmong individuals in Thailand, Hmong 18 Clan in Thailand, and the Hmong Community in Thailand in collaborating and working together to make this incident your top priority for the Hmong Community in Thailand and around the world, Thank you.

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