Golden Peacock Records and Yasmi Yang videos


SUAB HMONG E-NEWS (01/30/2016) — As January 29, 2016, many of the Hmong Medias including all individuals who recorded videos of Yasmi Yang performed in public received a requested from Golden Peacock Records to remove their videos from their sites or Golden Peacock will take action up on.   Below is the requested:
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“This is Golden Peacock Records, owner of Yasmi’s music. I would like to ask you kindly that you remove all your contents regarding Yasmi. Please have them removed by this Monday (Feb. 1, 2016); otherwise they will be reported to Google and YouTube. I hope you understand and will take action before then. Thank you for your cooperation.”

We, Suab Hmong, contact Yasmi Yang via a private message on her Facebook page and info on the Facebook indicated that she received it as January 29, 2016 at 4:07pm (see below) and we have not heard from her. We contact Golden Peacock Records and there is no words from them too.

Suab Hmong News interviewed Yasmi Yang twice to promote her music to the Hmong community and to help her to promote her concert in Minnesota in 2015, both are free of charge.  

Suab Hmong will honor Golden Peacock Records’ requested to remove the two videos we interviewed Yasmi Yang.

Due to the nature of Golden Peacock records’ requested, Suab Hmong will reconsider all promotions and supports for anyone that is a part of Golden Peacock Records and that is the same to Yasmi Yang.

For any questions regards to this matter, contact us at

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