Gov. Scott Walker did not attended Hmong event due to his father passed away

Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt Governor of Wisconsin, filled in for Governor Scott Walker at a Hmong Event for Governor Scott Walker October 7, 2018.

SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/09/2018) – Governor Scott Walker did not attended an event held by a Hmong group in Appleton, WI on October 7, 2018 due to the Governor’s father passed away on the same day.

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Bob Welch said “This event started it out for Governor Scott Walker.  Unfortunately, his father Llewellyn Scott Walker passed away this morning so he is not able to join us today.  We have other quests that will fill in”.

A moment of silent has been used to remember Governor Scott Walker’s father.

The filled in guests for Governor Scott Walker were Rebecca Kleefisch (Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin), Brad Schimel (Wisconsin Attorney General) and many local and state representatives.

Wachong Vang, one of the son of General Vang Pao, and Pa Mang Thao, President of Lao Veterans from Minnesota Chapter, from St. Paul, MN were part of the event for Governor Scott Walker.

Wachong Vang called for Hmong in Wisconsin to vote for Governor Scott Walker and other Republican candidates.

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“The Hmong community is not a large group but if we help Governor Scott Walker win the election, what could he do to help us?  If Scott Walker win the election again this year, I want you to take this message to Scott Walker that he must have 5 Hmong people to work with him in the State to represent the Hmong community in Wisconsin” said Pa Mang Thao, President of Lao Veterans of Minnesota.   Note.  The translator did not translated the exact wording during Pa Mang Thao speech.

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“Governor Walker appreciated you.  He could not be here but please know that he considers you as a very special part of the Wisconsin family” said Rebecca Kleefisch, LT Governor of Wisconsin.

The event included photo taken with the Republican candidates and representatives, a Hmong tradition basi, and a dinner.