Hlee (Hli) Xiong, Hmong Actress, debuts on the Suab Hmong E-News


Chiangmai, Thailand (SHB) – Hlee or Hli Xiong, Hmong Actress, starring on Yengtha Her’s latest 2014 movie “Kuab Muab Tsua 2” debuts on the Suab Hmong E-News.

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Hlee Xiong said her first role as one of the main character on Yengtha Her’s 2014 latest movie “Kuab Muaj Tsua 2” was her first acting in the movie arena.

Hlee Xiong said one of the reasons for her to get into acting was that the role she plays would reach large audiences such as the Hmong community around the world.

Hlee will be a co-star on the upcoming shooting new movie with Yengtha Her again this February 2015.