Hmong American Mediation in Minnesota


Hmong American Mediation in Minnesota focusses on bridging the gap between Hmong culture and the court system in the area of domestic violence.

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“It was important that Hmong families have different choices and committed these choices with dealing with their families their children and their culture. This organization was created because we saw and need to address these problems. In the Hmong community through mediation which give people times to talk about their problems and work out a solution that is best for their families. And this organization was created for the Hmong community because we recognized there is still a gap between the Hmong culture and the court system particularly when individual does not have choices for their families, their children, and their cultures.   We believed in mediation and we believed mediation will fulfill that gap.   Our mission objective strengthens the Hmong family. For healthy Hmong families by utilize this mediation service and Hmong tradition conflict resolution. Offer alternative going to court for Hmong families, provide educational about Hmong traditional and court system. Build, bridge, and partnership between the Hmong and other communities. What will this organization will do for people. It is our vision that this organization will change the life of our Hmong American families because they can have choices for their families especially when difficult situation like divorce” said Nhia Vue Chue. Watch our exclusive coverage to get full speech of Nhia Vue Chue.

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