Hmong American New Year Pageant 2013-2014 in Minneapolis, MN


A total of 18 Hmong Pageant Contestants, 9 Miss Hmong and 9 Mr. Hmong, competed in the 2013-14 Hmong American New Year at the Mall of America Field (Metrodome) in Minneapolis, Minnesota from December 21 to 22, 2013.

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to watch Richard Wanglue Vang, News Anchor for Suab Hmong Broadcasting, interview with Nou Lee, Pageant Coordinator for 2013-14 Hmong American Pageants.

Nou Lee, Pageant Coordinator, said that there were more than 18 pageant contestants who applied for the 2013-14 pageant competition, however, the number of contestants were reduced to 18 contestants due to the limited capacity of the stage.

“If you want to compete in the Hmong Pageant competition, you must know how to speak Hmong fluently,” said Nou Lee.

Hmong Pageant Organization (HPO) is an organization for Hmong Pageants in Minnesota. It trains Hmong Pageant contestants to compete at the Hmong New Year such as the Minnesota Hmong New Year and the Hmong American New Year.

“At HPO, we train Hmong Pageant contestants to compete at the Hmong New Year… we are a separate entity and we are not under any of the Hmong Organizations,” said Nou Lee.

Miss Hmong American 2013-14 is Nkauj Liag Yaj and Mr. Hmong American (Prince Charming) 2013-14 is Suab Xyooj.