Hmong Bangkok Festival 2020 begins December 7, 2019


SUAB HMONG NEWS (12/08/2019) – Hmong Bangkok Festival 2020 held at Wonder World Extreme Park near Bangkok, Thailand.

Attractions included Miss Hmong Thailand competition, Tuj Lub and Tua Hneev competition.  Many Hmong artists from Thailand and America are part of the festival.  Wave Vang and Joy Yang performed on stage on the first day and night.  Yengtha Her and Keng Lee scheduled to perform on the second night.

Many Hmong abroad participated the festival.

The festival continues to conclude all competition and end on December 8, 2019.

Suab Hmong News is covering the Miss Hmong Thailand competition.  Stay tune to Suab Hmong News Channel to watch the final winners of the 2020 Miss Hmong Thailand.