Hmong College Prep Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota


SUAB HMONG NEWS — May 20, 2015, Hmong College Prep Academy held an event and Suab Hmong News was there to cover it.

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Joua Pao Yang, COO for Hmong College Prep Academy, said Hmong College Prep Academy exists since 2004 and they bought the school since 2006.

“Currently, we have 1230 students from kindergarten to grade 12” said Joua Pao Yang.

A Hmong student band played one of Dr. Yang Dao song title “Sib Pab Ciab Vaj” during the event.
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“I am very happy and glad to see Hmong student band plays my song… This is just the beginning. I think the future will be better than this” said Dr. Yang Dao.

Below are some history and Mision/Vision of Hmong College Prep Academy taken from its website

Hmong College Prep Academy’s mission is to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.

HCPA will accomplish its mission at all grade levels via adhering to its core values:

Leverage the strong relationships developed with its families, community leaders and partnering organizations.

Ensure that Hmong-based leadership and strategic direction is present within all organizational levels.

Mold engaged citizens who have a global perspective on how they fit in the world through academic exploration, celebrations (World Culture Day) and community outreach.

Provide a public school learning environment that is unintimidating, structured and safe.

Develop and nurture pride within the rich heritage of Hmong culture through language literacy, the arts, traditional food and values.

Instill a philosophy that the learning process is challenging, interactive and fun.

Integrate the concept and reality of college through fun activities (C3 Power Days), coursework, and mentorships.

Foster a social environment that develops trust, respect, friendships and self-discovery within our students.

Empower a passionate and caring instructional staff to motivate HCPA students to do their best.

The result:

HCPA graduates will be rich in experiences, culture, knowledge & pride and ready for the challenges of college and beyond.

Meeting the Needs of Our Community

Founded by Christianna Hang, Pao Yang, and co-founded by parents, educators and community leaders.

Planning began in the year 2000 and by December, 2002, Hmong Academy was approved by the MDE for a K-12 charter.

September, 2004, Hmong Academy opened its doors to 200 students in grades 9-10.

HCPA began to meet the needs of high potential students and those who fell through the cracks and were not successful within the traditional public, private and home school systems.

Since 2004, HCPA has undertaken three expansion projects to better serve our students and their families:

In 2006, HCPA moved from Minneapolis to its current facility in St. Paul. A $10 million bond was secured to acquire the Brewster Street site.

January, 2009, Board adopted new name: Hmong College Prep Academy .

2009 – $150,000 facility grant from MDE and $1.5 million improvement to the Middle School wing.

In 2009, enrollment increased to over 550 students in grades 4-12.

2010-2011, the school added grades K – 3.

2012 – $18.5 million bond to conduct Phase Three renovation of existing structure & building the new high school.

2017-18 enrollment forecast of 1,200 students was achieved in 2014.

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