Hmong Country? Is it real or scam? Exclusive interview Seng Xiong, President of Hmong Country


SUAB HMONG NEWS — Suab Hmong TalkShow (Suab Hmoob Kev Sib Tham) exclusive interviewed Seng Xiong, president of Hmong Country, on what is Hmong Country? Is it real or scam?

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Below information, Mission and Principles of Hmong Country, are taken from hmong country website:

Pursue Hmong self-ruled in the mainland of Asia in accordance with international law.

On the Principles
Land was not created by man, but by the power of the Creator; States are created by man and all man are entitled to the same sovereign principles.

Life is land and land is life; land is security to life.
Poverty and racial discrimination cannot be eradicated without sovereign land.
Ancestral land should be a founding principle of human rights.


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