Hmong died in Dak Nong, Vietnam


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His family says he Himself never committed suicide and says will appeal to authorities in far mai

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Chairman of Dak Nong has publicly confirmed the Hmong in the Dak Nong but says the victims ‘ hands on ‘ iconic power drive self.

Hoang Van from him, the Former national born in 1974, is said to have killed 17 minutes/3 in Chiayi Town police outpost after being arrested on charges of “deforestation” two minutes earlier.

RFA Radio quoted his brother Colonel Hoang Van 3/22 minutes say that “[d] jacks for the pressing issues as he Himself died at the [c] he police” and suggested the Government to “review” the case.

But speaking to the BBC a 24/3, Mr. Le, Chairman of Dak and is also the head of the Congressional delegation of the province says:

“What this man did he go deforestation, new brothers are invited onto alone.

“And then he inserted himself into the cell, and then he stutters, he committed suicide rather than where what’s where.{sidebar id=11}

“The home to do all the legal procedures before then, people saw and then it is buried.”

‘ Lawful ‘

While talking to the BBC in the dark 24/3, Hoang Van, born in 1980, his brother, He said with indignation:

“He Himself never committed suicide and took the hand break on the small wires.

“He must know that his crimes He is charged with methods like a farmer rather than the crime of robbery, stealing …

“We believe 100% that he Himself never made such [suicide].

“If that has electric drive as agencies get electrocuted him Him rather than he Himself took power he jerks himself to him.”

He also said a dozen families are preparing to record the incident and complaints will be submitted to Government of Dak Nong, possibly tomorrow, 25/3, on the death of His brother at the police and autopsy stories that did not invite his family witnessed.

When the BBC asked about the suspicion of his family Played says:

“Sure others rather than the station hit me lo off and then, nothing.

“Sure there are certain guys it would like to do something rather than the home have to say where.

“People agree, one finds that the job properly, so he quit rather than one causing the story [that] give him both.

“They then buried them voluntarily, the Government will also help them quit, nothing at all.”

He also insisted the Government would consider the concerns of the people in accordance with the law:

“Hit me was always to follow lawful at all.

“If there is a problem we have to consider as prescribed by law.”
‘ No cause ‘

England Captain told the BBC that the conclusions of the Government after his corpse he’s “not find causes” fatal.

According to him, the town of Chiayi, Dak Nong province have arrested his wife, and his wife, H.e. pm 14/3 when they’re methods and held captive at the town through the night because they said that deforestation.

British Commander says the two brothers bought ray from a person named Worshippers at A Muslim Elite in December 2012 and he Xiu also arrested over public safety.

To to 15/3, the police inform the brothers up guarantees for two but both were caught when it arrived.

The two women then were released today 16/3 and England Captain was released 18 minutes/3, one day after he Himself dies.

He said about a dozen minutes dead brother:

“The morning police had released me and him Him out as General cleaning and car wash facility.

“Then the police again put us on hold.

“Coming on the afternoon of 17, about 15 h, in England He has noise, bumps into the wall.

“Then about 15: 30-16: 00, I ask the police for me out to go potty …

“When I finished cleaning, the police took me to the room, I got through the window he Him … at that time I looked through the window to see him He stood up and took the two-hand jam, the expression is.

“At that point I stop and see why Him distress … I stopped the police protect eyebrow, the other Legionnaires ‘ hurry up, you don’t have much room to face the other day.”

England Captain said he would like the police to see Him again but also public security said: “eyebrow sitting there, don’t be out.”

Also according to him, to about 16: 30 on the same day, the police went to his room to kick the ball to him and exclaimed “, sure he is dead.”

He was then transported by taxi to the hospital and then to the funeral home, the place where the body surgery.

England Captain said after His brother died, local police have promised for the family continue to be methods without getting guilty anymore and it is more as he suspected that hid all of his brother’s death.

“My brother to a healthy person, why my brother died at the Agency [the police],” the Colonel said.

He also said more families could suggest specific forensic examination to find known cause makes Him dead.

First question why the family did not suggest that examination of the body sooner, his Assistant says:

“We are being questioned but that security officers later we will fix later, he buried away.”