Hmong Houaphan New Year and organization in St. Paul, Minnesota


Hmong Houaphan (also write as Houaphanh or in the Hmong community also known as “Hmoob Txaij”) is a group of Hmong people who used to live in the Northern part of Laos in the Houaphan province (Houaphanh is enclosed by Vietnam to the north, east and south-east, Xieng Khouang to the south-west and Luang Prabang to the west. Total area: 16,500 square kilometers. The province has a population of 280,000 people and twenty-seven different ethnic groups including Khmu, Tai Daeng and Yao. Eight Districts: Xamneua, Xiengkhor, Viengthong, Viengxay, Huameuang, Xamtay, Sopbao and Add. Capital: Xamneua).

Majority of this group is now living in the United States due to the C.I.A Secret War in Laos.

Click here to watch SHIBC News coverage on Hmong Houaphan’s New Year Celebration in St. Paul, MN on January 5, 2013.

“We do not really know how many Hmong Houaphan are currently living in the United States” said NengZoo Xiong, President of Hmong Houaphan in the United States.

“To make Hmong Houaphan better into the future, we will need to collaboration and more organize” said LaoThai Vang, former Mayor.

Wa Meng Yang, a Spectator, said that whoever is leading the organization will need to be more open minded and make the organization more visible to the Hmong Houaphan group.