Hmong Human Rights Fundraising at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Many Hmong and none Hmong students attended the Hmong Human Rights (HHR) fundraising at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on January 26, 2013.

The event was a joint effort between Hmong Human Rights, the Hmong Student Association of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Paul Mitchell Academy.

Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive covered the event on January 26, 2013.

Pa Cha Vang, 2013 Miss Hmong Wisconsin, said that Hmong younger generation should continue doing event like this to help and get back to the Hmong community.

“HHR stands for Hmong Human Rights and we are an organization that will protect Hmong rights…” said Junior Vue, Chair for HHR.

There were singing competitions, dance performance, and special singing guest at the event. Hue Ye Lauj, a Hmong singer, was the special singing guest.

Total of 1423.70 dollars has been raised at the event. The singing competitions winners went to first place: Ntxhoo and Yer Vang, second place: Dale Thao, and third place: Cassie Thor third place.