Hmong-Lao Minnesota Delegation visited Laos


Milwaukee, WI — Toward the end of 2012, a group of delegation mixed of Hmong and Laotian from the states of Minnesota visited Laos. Their mission was to explore four areas: 1. Education, 2. Healthcare, 3. Business development, and 4. Job training skills.

Click here to watch SHIBC News Minnesota branch exclusive covered Hmong-Lao Delegation visited Laos meeting on May 3, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The delegation led by Cha Ze Yang (Tsav Zeb Yaj). Mr. Yang said that the individual on the delegation team was not selected by the Hmong and Lao community in the United States to represent them to visit Laos. “We selected ourselves… we took ourselves… from our leadership… from our vision… to help to build Laos” said Cha Ze Yang, Leader of the delegation.
Cha Ze Yang continued said that the delegation team will form a project team to over see the four areas and work with the Lao government in the future.