Hmong Museum Initiative of Minnesota Event


ST. PAUL, MN (SHB) – February 7, 2015, The Initiative group of Hmong Museum of Minnesota held their first public event in St. Paul, Minnesota to make the public aware of the Hmong Museum of Minnesota.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered Hmong Museum Initiative Event held on February 7, 2015 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Covered by Paolee Vang and Chee Y. Vang.

“Our event tonight is about Love Story. We wanted to highlight love stories in the Hmong community and we wanted to talk a little bit about love means to us in the Hmong community and because this is our first event and we wanted to introduce us to everybody so they know who we are and why we are here. We are here because we wanted to preserve Hmong stories, Hmong artifacts, and Hmong Culture.” Said Mai, Representative of Hmong Museum of Minnesota.

Lee Pao Xiong, Director for the Center of Hmong Studies at Concordia University, said Hmong Museum is very important to keep Hmong history and preserve Hmong Culture and Custom forward into the future, especially to prevent some of the things that belong to the Hmong so other races do not claim that they belong to them. “In the past, we did not have museum to keep Hmong history and the things that belong to us (Hmong) and we only heard them through history telling… One time I was at Kunming University in China and I was at their museum, they display a Hmong Necklace (Xauv Caj Dab) and they said the Necklace belong to the Mien and I said no, it is a Hmong Necklace and it belongs to the Hmong… this is an example of the important of the Hmong Museum. We wanted to preserve things that belong to the Hmong…” said Lee Pao Xiong.

On the theme of the Love Story, Dr. Yang Dao reminded everyone to always love and support your own society (Hmong) respectively. “By being a society, we must love our society, to love our society, we must love our parent first. They may not have the education as you do but they know more than you… I am a Doctor and I still always respect my parent…” said Dr. Yang Dao.