Hmong Nationalities Organization’s 3rd Annual Conference


St. Paul, MN — Hmong Nationalities Organization (HNO) held its 3rd Annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota from March 23 to 24, 2013. {sidebar id=1}

a0Click here to watch SHIBC News exclusive interviewed Dr. Shoua Yang at the Hmong Nationalities Organization’s 3rd Annual conference on HNO’s vision and mission, its short term goal, its accomplishments, answered questions from SHIBC fans around the world, and more on the HNO’s platform.

“HNO established on 2010 and this year is our 3rd Annual Conference and we invited Hmong included members and none member to join us” said Dr. Shoua Yang, Representing HNO.

Dr. Shoua Yang continued said that some of the major accomplishments HNO has done included completed its by law, legally established its base foundation in the United States, and collaborated with St. Cloud state university to support HNO’s vision and mission to the future.

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