Hmong new business “Brothers Event Center” opening in Oakdale, MN


(SHB) — A newly event hall opening in Oakdale, Minnesota owned by a Hmong brothers.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered the opening of the Brothers Event Center on August, 2014.

Loua Ge Lee, one of the owner, said that the reason to open the Brothers Event Center is to accommodate more events in the Hmong community. “There are two halls right now in the St. Paul area and there are more people using them so we decided to open this one to shorten the waiting list to do events” said Loua Ge Lee.

Kangyee Vang, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, said that the location of the Brothers Event Center has more parking than other ones.

Watch Suab Hmong News coverage to see the detail.