Hmong Pahauh Writing System (Keeb kwm ntawv Hmoob Phaj Hauj)


SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/10/2017) – So what is Hmong Pahauh (Phaj Hauj)?  According to Dang Yang, one of Hmong Pahauh teacher and scholar, said Hmong Pahauh is a Hmong writing system created originally by Shong Lue Yang for Hmong and it is belong to the Hmong.

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“Hmong was the original creator of Hmong Pahauh writing system.  The original creator was Shong Lue Yang and his wife.  His wife was the one came up with the Pahauh writing system and Shong Lue Yang was the one created Hmong Pahauh writing system (from his wife).” Said Dang Yang.

Hmong Pahauh writing system begins teaching to Hmong in Laos and Vietnam in 1959.

Yang continued said that the name “Pahauh” or in Hmong “Phaj Hauj” originally named “Phaj Haub” by the creator Shong Lue Yang but later changed to “Phaj Hauj” and “Phaj Hauj” means giving to all Hmong to have a writing system and “Hauj” means united.

It takes four to six years to graduate from studying the Hmong Pahauh writing system.

“The first year is the introduction to the Pahauh writing system included Pahauh alphabet and vowels to combine to make words.  Second year involved learning the history of the Hmong; Hmong mother, father, the behavior of the Hmong, and etc… Third year continues to learn the Pahauh writing system. Fourth year involved learning the important of the Pahauh writing system and the Hmong society.  Fifth year involved learning the world cultures and customs believed that affect the Pahauh writing system.  And the sixth year involved learning the world politic affecting the Pahauh writing system and logistic on how to united the Hmong society to grow and develop forward.” said Dang Yang.

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