Hmong students among the death in the fire occurred in Northern Thailand

SUAB HMONG NEWS (05/24/2016) — On May 23, 2016 at around mid-night, fire started at the school doom building for women in the school of science in Wiang Pa Pao, Chiangrai, Thailand causing total death of 17 students and injured 5 students.  
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It has been reported that estimated total of the 12 students died in the fired were Hmong students from the surrounding areas.
This particular school doom building had total of 38 students stay in.
Due to the bad burned of the dead bodies of the students, the Thai authority cannot identified the bodies by their names so the parents of dead students were called to draw their blood to test to match their children who died in the fire.
Financial and other supports for the victims’ families have been put in place by the Thai authorities and some of the financial were given to the victim families.
The Zang family who is Hmong lost two of their daughters in the fire incident.
“We are farmer and we have three children.  The youngest one is one year old.  We sent two of our older daughters to school for this public program so they could stay in school… so they could concentrate on their study.  We just sent them here 2 weeks ago and we have not meet them since.” Said Mr. ChokChai Zang.
A Hmong band in Thailand is seeking financial and other supports from Hmong around the world to help the victim families.  If you are interested, contact them at 66871791539.
The Thai authorities are still investigating why fire started on the school doom for women building.
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