How Hmong movies are making and selling in Thailand?


Most of Hmong home movies shot on locations in Thailand and post production and sell in the United States. The selling price per Hmong movie in the United States is ranging from $8.00 to $25.00 depend on the type of the movies.

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to watch Richard Wanglue Vang interviewed Teng Xiong, Hmong Actor in Thailand, to discuss on how Hmong movies are selling and making in Thailand.

“We sell one Hmong movie for 100 baht (Thai), equivalent to around $3.05 U.S. dollars, here in Thailand…” said Teng Xiong, Hmong Actor.

Teng Xiong continues said that Hmong Producers and Sponsors are still making Hmong movies in Thailand. “In the past, our sponsors stopped coming here to make movie but this year they start coming back and make more Hmong movies…” Said Teng Xiong.

To save time and money, Teng Xiong is recommending for new Hmong Producers/Sponsors who are thinking about shooting movie(s) in Thailand to use Hmong experiences actors and actresses.