How Hmong Refugee qualified to settle in the United States


SUAB HMONG NEWS — Majority of Hmong-American know the reason why they are here in America today is because General Vang Pao but some of the Hmong-American do not agree.

CLICK HERE to watch SUAB HMONG NEWS interviewed Nhia Lue Yang, one of the person in charged to make the qualification process for Hmong Refugee to qualify to settle in the United Sates.

Nhia Lue Yang said there were three qualification categories to qualify Hmong Refugee to settle and start their new life in the United States. “First category, if a person has an immediate family in the United States, he/she is qualified. Second category, if a person was working for the American Government, he/she is qualified. And Third category, considered as “High Risk” category which a person must be working for General Vang Pao and be able to identify his/her army commanders or superior army ranking and other requirements with in the army then he/she is qualified. Hmong did not qualified for category one and two because we did not have immediate family nor worked for the American Government so everyone falls into category three which used to work for General Vang Pao so Hmong-American settled in the United States is because of General Vang Pao, I think…” said Nhia Lue Yang.

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