How to protect yourself and your love ones from the COVID-19


SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/22/2020) — The following information provided by Dr. Pao Saykao in Australia on how to prevent you and your love ones from the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Keep the older people (65-year-old and older) away from others.  Stay away from the older people, 6 feet away. No visitor for the older people.  Keep young people (under 16-year-old) away from the older people.  No visitor to the older.

People of 80 years old and older have 80% chance to die!.

Watch the video below and sib pab prevention:

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

***Remember the virus can only get into our body thru our MOUTH, NOSE AND EYES. AND THE VIRUS NEED YOU TO **HELP IT* TO GET TO YOUR BODY*** So, you have to take the responsible for yourself and for your families and friends.

Also remember that:
(1) We can get infected by getting the virus directly from others (who are already infected) by spending more than 15 minutes with them in close personal contact.

(2) by Catching the virus from people COUGH OR SNEEZ and spread droplets WITH VIRUS out. Good news is that these droplets from couging and sneezing can travel about 3-4 feet ONLY then they fall onto the ground or onto any surface, any subjects, even your clothes,hairs, utensils and any surface or all surface around it AND the VIRUS CAN SURVIVE there for hours or even as long as 9 days!.

So if you stay away – the MINIMUM DISTANCE is , 6 feet away from any one coughing or sneezing, you are pretty safe.

The biggest problem is that some 80% of people infected do NOT even know or show only symptoms like a normal cold or flu. Most do NOT show any symptoms BUT they can spread the virus around silently. So you never know WHO has the virus. so STAY AWAY 6 FEET AWAY from any one, except your immediate family only.

(3) NEXT… the most important:
you have to assume that every object around you (even petrol pump!) can be contaminated with the virus (from those infected. Remember that the virus can survive for days). So you have to assume that EVERY THING, EVERY WHERE YOU TOUCH, you can pick up the virus onto your hands and When you touch your MOUTH, NOSE AND EYES, you put the virus into YOURSELF! – SELF INFECTED.

SO *WASHING HANDS WITH SOAP* or Sanitizer agents IS A MUST, every time, every where always. AND AVOID TOUCHING YOUR MOUTH, NOSE AND EYES.

(4) ISOLATE any one with the virus in a separe room in your house Take personal protection gear – mask, gloves and gown to go near them or take care of them. Usually, there will be some healthcare team come to help you.
Stay away. No visitor.

(5) We need to CHANGE our Hmong way of life for a while. Start NOW!
Avoid large crowd, no party, plan ahead for wedding, birthday, even funeral. No visitors from overseas, or from other States foe NOW.
Australia has close it entire border. No one can enter Australia except Austraian people only.

(6) BEWARE of any visitor from overseas, especially from China, the Middle East, all Europeans countries, Thailand, Vietnam and especially from Laos and Cambodia. (In Australia, as doctor, we have list of countries that we need to watch more strictly any vistor from those listed countries… this was before Australia close the border).

* NO hugging, even it is hugging day!. No kissing.. keep personal touch to minimum. Keep DISTANCING AS A RULE FOR NOW.

IF any one follow these Basic Preventive measure, all are safe. So every one has the responsibility to yourself.
More importantly. Take the responsibility for your families and friends.

(7) LASTLY, Know the Law and the rules of your State or countries. Every countries, every State have Laws and Rules thant keep changing by the hours. You must be up to date with those laws ans rules. UNDERSTAND them and follow them strictly.

So take action.  Take responsibility.  Remember the virus NEED YOU TO GET INTO YOUR BODY.  THE VIRUS NEED YOUR HELP TO PASS THE VIRUS TO OTHER.

The info provided by Dr. Pao Saykao in Australia.