Is it money or legal issue that push the two members in the same family to the extreme?


Photo taken from Kongmeng Vang original video clip.

(SUAB HMONG NEWS) – A video was released by Kongmeng Vang (Koobmeej Vaj) in Thailand on his Facebook. The video quickly spread throughout the various social media outlets.  On the video, it shows a confrontation between Kongmeng Vang and Paohue Vang (Povhwm Vaj).
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Based on a source in Thailand, Kongmeng Vang is an immediate family member of Paohue Vang (tus tuag tus tsev thiab nkawd yog tib tsev neeg).  Kongmeng learned all the video shooting and editing techniques from Paohue. Kongmeng worked for Paohue in his earlier days of shooting Hmong movies in Thailand.  

In the beginning of February 2015, there was a big event held in Phuchee Fa, Thailand.  Paohue showed a Hmong home movie on screen for people to watch without permission from the ownership of the movie.  Kongmeng Vang has the ownership of this Hmong home movie in Thailand.  Kongmeng noticed this and confronted Paohue as you see on the video Kongmeng released on his Facebook.  Eventually the Thai police intervened and at the end, Paohue paid 10,000.00 baht, which is equivalent to around $304.00 U.S. dollars to Kongmeng.  The source said that Kongmeng initially insisted of collecting 100,000.00 baht from Paohue.  

The source said “I agree Paohue is wrong on showing the movie in public without the consent of the ownership but Kongmeng should not have done the way he did because he is the same family member to Paohue and he learned all the video shooting and editing techniques from Paohue.  Without Paohue, Kongmeng will not be the way he is now.  A warning and good conversation should be taken place instead of getting the police involved and after everything settled, Kongmeng should not released the video on the Social Media…”

We contacted Kongmeng Vang on his Facebook on March 13, 2015 but we have not heard from him at the time this article was written.

Click here to watch the video on Kongmeng Vang’s Facebook. 

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