Lao Family Community of Minnesota received a legal letter from a Law Firm representing Lao Family Foundation


SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/16/2015) —  A circulation of discussions of a possible legal action from Lao Family Foundation (LFF) against Lao Family Community (LFC) of Minnesota has been posted on the Face Book Social Media sites late on September 15, 2015.   Suab Hmong News followed up the story early on September 16, 2015 and has been confirmed with NengWa Vang, President of Lao Family Community of Minnesota, that a letter from the office of Blaney & Ledin Ltd, representing LFF, received by LFC regards to a listing of actions to be taken at LFC.  

We contacted LFF and they said they are not ready for any comments yet.  “We will let you know when we are ready” said Mee Vang, Secretary for LFF.

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Note.  The letter has been posted on the Face Book Social Media.

The following information posted by Christopher Vang on the Hmong Family Foundation and Lao Family Community public group on Face Book

Since the Family Lao Foundation was created by Mr. Chupheng Lee back in 2013, he has made decision to recruit people from the community who would be willing to pay $1000. to become permanent member and shall be appointed to be a member of the Trustee Board, shall remain a life time serving as trustee and eligible to receive regular incentives serving as a trustee. The Trustee Board claimed that they wanted to keep GVP legacy for the Hmong community. They wanted to oversee the July4 and Hmong Minnesota New Year. This has evolved in community community concerned due to corruption. Hmong Heritage protest against the Board of Trustee and the Board of Lao Family, which was under Mr. Chupheng Lee administration.

Under Mr. Chupheng’s administration, he wanted to recruit up to 30 or more individuals from the Hmong community to be seated as the Trustee Board but fell short, only got 18 in so far including Mr. Chupheng. Each of the 18 trustee paid $1000 into a bank account. Yet, this bank account was drained to $0.00 before Mr. Chupheng left office not knowing where it went.
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In addition, the Board of Trustee were appointed far before the J4 2014, the net profit was $800.00 profit and the Hmong Minnesota New Year 2014 was over $30,000.00 in the hole. The Board of Trustee claimed that they were the check and balance team to ensure no corruption among event operation; however, the Board of Trustee did not do their work as promised.

As Nengwa Vang administration take over office on 1/17/2015, Nengwa did not receive any transfer information, no bank account information given and no other information what so ever. In order for the current Board to be able to talk with the Bank to check on all accounts, the Board has to conduct meeting with record of minutes to appoint new treasurer to the bank before any financial conversation could take place. All bank account were down to zero, no money left.

More than that, Mr. Chupheng’s administration did not made any payment toward the Lao Family Building debt. Bank issued a foreclosure letter to Negwa after he was in office for couple of weeks, the building is on the market for option on 3/30/2015, the building is in the hole for more than $300,000.00

Not only building and bank issues, all kind of debt for more than $100,000 were left behind under Mr. Chupheng’s administration ( include utility bills, attorney fees, audit fees, inspections fees, not returning items when rented out and other numerous items).

Since then, the current Board of Directors and Board of Trustee were fighting head to head against each other up to this point. The Board of Trustee wanted Nengwa to leave office before J4, 2015.

Think about this, the current administration is able to make net profit from J4 over $200,0000 and using this $$$ to clean after Chupheng and the Trustee’s mess. Now, the Trustees want that money. So they have to take such action to take control of the Hmong New Year and J4, they have no interest to save GVP legacy for the Hmong.

Well, I don’t want to say much, but very disappointed. I wish all Hmong will see whole picture about this ball game. If you don’t see it, that’s ok. Hmong tend to see the wrong side in most situation but hope that all Hmong will open your eyes and talk to yourself.

Stay tune for the latest development of this situation coming up right here on the Suab Hmong News website.

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