Lao Family denies the baseless allegations raised against it by The Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee of Minnesota


(SHB) — Lao Family Community of Minnesota released a Press Release denied what Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee of Minnesota said on the Hmong Medias regard to its services and financial corruption.

Suab Hmong News was scheduled to have an exclusive interview with ChuPheng Lee and will cover the protest on March 14, 2014 by Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee. 

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Below is a Press Release from Lao Family Community of Minnesota.
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Contact: Wameng Lee,

Lao Family Community of Minnesota (LFC)
Refutes the False Allegations of the Hmong
Heritage Preservation Committee of Minnesota

St. Paul, MN (March 13, 2014) – Lao Family adamantly denies the baseless allegations raised against it by The Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee of Minnesota. In commu-nications to the Hmong community, The Heritage Preservation Committee accuses Lao Family and its Board of, among other allegations, financial corruption and leadership failure as well as violation of Minnesota nonprofit law. The organization has scheduled a protest to address its alleged grievances.

“The same individuals who unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt LFC’s Hmong New Year Celebration, using the title The Hmong Community United Coalition for Hmong New Year Celebration, have now formed another organization in another attempt to disrupt Lao Family Community and its programs which benefit many within our community,” said ChuPheng Lee, President of Lao Family. “These individuals are upset because the Ramsey County District Court sustained our election and, without any factual basis, continue to make false allega-tions in an effort to damage our organization. These individuals, now using two separate headings, will stop at nothing to discredit Lao Family Community even though there are no facts to support their allegations.”

Lao Family Community indicates that it is anxious to show the community that it is acting, and will act, with full transparency and clarity, continues to enjoy the support of the community, and will continue to function for the benefit of the entire community.

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