Lao Family Foundation Press Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota


(SHB) – The Trustee of Lao Family Foundation of Minnesota (LFFM) held a press conference in St. Paul, Minnesota on May 21, 2014 to discuss to the media on how LFFM was formed and the differences between 501C3 and 501C4 organization structure.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News covered LFFM press conference exclusive interviewed and questions and answers.

Click here to watch ChuPheng Lee, President of Lao Family Community of Minnesota, speaks at the LFFM press conference.

Click here to watch former Col. Ly Teng speaks at the LFFM press conference on how his believed in the way LFFM is heading.

Click here to watch Attorney Nao Sia Lor (also a trustee for LFFM) lay out the differences between 501C3 and 501C4.

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