Latest Development activities at Lao Family Community of Minnesota as 09/19/2015


SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/24/2015) — Lao Family Community (LFC) of Minnesota held a meeting on September 19, 2015 in St. Paul, Minnesota to report its latest financial status from the 2015 Hmong J4 and to give their status on the 2015-16 Minnesota Hmong New Year to the Minnesota Hmong leaders and representatives.

Suab Hmong News caught up with Mr. Christopher Vang to discuss the latest status of the letter from the lawyer of Lao Family Foundation (LFF).

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Christopher Vang (Public Relation for LFC) on the letter from the lawyer of LFF and responds to some of the questions raised by Hmong Heritage Preservation Committee (HHPC), The $100,000.00 check LFC paid to Mr. Leng Vang, Talked to Mr. Tong Vang (former President of LFC) and talked to the representative of the Hmong Dancer Groups on the status of their waiting for the checks to pay them for their winning at the 2014 Minnesota Hmong New Year.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News full coverage fo the Lao Family Community of Minnesota meeting on 09/19/2015.

“LFF created to find money to support LFC. When Mr. ChuPheng Lee’s term as the president of the LFC, he was also one of the trustee of the LFF. Now Mr. NengWa Vang was elected by the people and he has the power to oversee LFC and LFF. So NengWa now has the responsibility for the Minnesota Hmong New Year and Hmong July 4th.   The Trustees of the LFF think that they have the power over the Board of the Director of LFC.   Us, the Board of Director of LFC, based on the bylaw, we have responsibility for all the incoming issues such as problems and to pay money for all causes. They do not pay money. My apology to the Trustees, the reason why they do not pay because I did talk to them. Like the debt amount for the building was 280,000.00 dollars and we consulted with them and they said that was your job we do not have any responsibility. Other debts, they said they do not have responsibility to pay for.   They want to write the bylaw and the policy and have us, the Board of Directors of LFC) just to follow them so we, the Board of Directors of LFC, do not feel right on this. This is why we are not on the same page. We operate Lao Family Foundation and the Trustees still feel that they still have the power over the Lao Family Foundation. This is why they sent us the letter. The letter specific that the Board of Directors of Lao Family must resign no more than three days. We must report all financials to the Trustees no more than three days. The letter came from, they called it power of attorney. The lawyer wrote and sent it to us. It said if we do not complied with it with in the three days, they will sue us” said Christopher Vang, Public Relation for Lao Family Community of Minnesota.

Mr. Christopher Vang continues said that there are ways for both sides to resolve the issues and the Board Directors of LFC are welcome them to talk and resolve it. “Toward the end Hmong will be the looser” said Christopher Vang.