Michael Xiong and Mary Thao won election on April 5, 2016

SUAB HMONG NEWS (04/06/2016) — April 5, 2016 Election resulted in Wisconsin for Hmong candidates; Michael Xiong won City Council for City of Eau Claire (at large) and Mary Thao won School Board for Wausau school district.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive coverage the winning of Michael Xiong for Eau Claire City Council on April 5, 2016 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
Hmong politic in the mainstream started in the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   Joe Bee Xiong was the first Hmong got elected for City Council for the City of Eau Claire from 1996 to 2000 in Wisconsin.  Joe Bee Xiong served two terms.  
Michael Xiong won his second term City Council for City of Eau Claire.
“I am a commissioner for the transit system bus line in Eau Claire and my first project is to build a building for the transit bus system.  It will cost about 4 to 5 million dollars.  This will be my first project to do” said Michael Xiong.
The team of Michael Xiong planned to host a recognition gathering on April 30, 2016 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.