Michelle Phan Video: Sushi can be benefit for your skin


By Michelle Phan.  Seaweed is not only good to eat, but it can help restore your skin’s vitality. Seaweed is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins and amino acids It is very rich in the B-complex vitamins. It is also rich in potassium and calcium, both essential minerals. This seaweed mask will soften, hydrate and repair damaged skin cells. The face is left revitalized, glowing and refreshed. The minerals helps detoxify the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity.

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I’m not suggesting you to go out and buy sushi for this, just buy seaweed paper. But if you have leftover sushi, just try one out to see if you like it first!

You can use sushi paper or a piece of the seaweed wrapped around a roll. I love seaweed masks, and I recommend using it once every 2-3 nights. You’ll feel how hydrating it is!

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