Milwaukee Woman Facing Charge for setting fire to Ex-Boyfriends Apartment


SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/30/2017) – Greenfield Police now know who started the fire at a Greenfield apartment on February 13th, 2017.

According to CBS58 News, Mai Lee Lor, 26-year-old, was plotting to hurt her ex-boyfriend.

“Her actions could have killed an entire apartment building worth of people,” said Sgt. Eric Lindstrom with the Greenfield Police.

Investigators say Mai Lee Lor was targeting her ex-boyfriend’s kids and their mother. Her plan to shoot them, but now varied.

“This is one of the weirder cases I’ve ever run across,” Sgt. Lindstrom said.

Documents show she researched School schedules in the area to see when she could catch and ambush the children.

Then she thought to just knock on the apartment door and shoot. Sgt. Lindstrom says Lor backed out at the last second.

“So she went to her car got some bottles of gasoline and ended up dumping them on the door of our victim and lighting it on fire,” Sgt. Lindstrom said.

That woman and her two children, one with an amputated leg, had to be rescued from a third story balcony. Police say Lor ran off to Colorado before she came back to Wisconsin and was arrested.

Lor has pleaded not guilty to charges of arson and recklessly endangering safety – both felonies. She’s due back in court next month.