Miss Hmong Pageant Winners’ duty and responsibility during their term


SUAB HMONG NEWS — What kind the duty and responsibility each Miss Hmong Pageant winner must do and take during her term? Suab Hmong News caught up with the 2015 Miss Hmong Pageant winners at the 2015 Asian Memorial Festival and we asked the questions.

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May Yer Xiong (Maiv Ntxawm Xyooj), 2015 Miss Hmong Wisconsin, said she is working on two projects; one project is to find cloths for Hmong children in Laos and the other project is to find money to use as scholarship for the two Hmong students that will be attending school in 2016.

Mai Moua Lee (Maiv Muas Lis), 2015 Miss Hmong America, said her role is to help the Hmong community as needed. Note. We did not included her last name “Lee” on the title on the video due to that when we asked her name and she said “Mai Moua” so we thought her last name was Moua. Please accept our apology.

Jennifer Xiong, 2015 Miss Hmong University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, said her duty and responsibility is to help and promote education for Hmong students.

Mai Kao Xiong (Maiv Kaus Xyooj), 2015 Miss Hmong MidWest, said her duty and responsibility is to stay single during her tem and help the younger generation as well as anyone when needed.

Cha Ia Xiong (Ntsa Iab Xyooj), 2015 Miss Hmong International, said Hmong International New Year does not really has a duty for her only that she need to stay single during her term but she came up with her own duty and responsibility to help Hmong students to read and write in Hmong.

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