Moua International Symposium 2013


Moua United International Council, Inc. (MUICI) held their Moua International Symposium conference on June 29 through 30, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Za Xiong Moua, President of MUICI, said the decision to hold the Moua International Symposium was after the Moua Clan delegation complete their mission to find other Moua in other countries and many suggestions from with in the Moua Clan.

“The ones came a long way to join us here included three from China, three from Thailand, three from Laos, France… four from France, the ones from Canada they said they will be here but we haven’t see them yet…  beside that the majority from Wisconsin, Georgia, Oklahoma, and here in Minnesota” said Za Xiong Moua, President of  MUICI.

Wacha Kong Moua, Rep. Moua Clan to the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin, said that he hopes the  Moua International Symposium will be one of the sample leading to other Hmong Clan to follow to construct such unique way to unite their Clan as well.