National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee needs your signatures to move forward


Milwaukee, WI — SHIBC News Minnesota branch covered National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee (NHGDC)’s fundraising held in St. Paul, Minnesota on March 30, 2013.
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Vang Xiong, Chair of the  NHGDC, said that there are three things that NHGDC needs now to move forward; meeting with UN, money to support NHGDC, and signatures to support NHGDC’s mission.

“Currently we have more than 28,000 signatures and we needed 70,000 signatures” said Vang Xiong.

Vang Xiong continues said that the goal of the 70,000 signatures was set by NHGDC to show the supports from the Hmong community.

“Before I left to attend this fundraising, I checked and we have more than 56,000 dollars” said Vang Xiong. NHGDC has two goals for its money fund. One goal is to raise 200,000 dollars to use for Hmong graves in Thailand and the other goal is to raise money to pay NHGDC staff for traveling, lodging, and food purposes during meeting with the governments.

Pa Ma Thao, Hmong Community Leader, said that NHGDC needs to establish a NHGDC branch in the twin cities because the majority of Hmong population lives there.

Pa Houa Vang, Rep. NHGDC in Wisconsin, is calling for Hmong women to get involve and support NHGDC.

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